Zinc Die Casting

Hot Chamber ZINC Die Casting is a specific process that needs specific tools. Also simulation software must keep into account some critical elements which are peculiar of this process:

  • The volume of the gas (air) to be evacuated is from 5 to 40 times the volume of the part itself (in cold chamber the same volume is 2-3 times).
  • The process is extremely fast (ex. an aesthetic component is filled up in about max 20 ms and velocities over 50 m/s at the gates may generate turbulences, vortexes and then possible air entrapment).
  • Temperature range between liquid and solid state is very limited (6-8 degrees C° vs. 50-70 C° of aluminum).

It means that gas entrapped in a metal which is already solid cannot be further evacuated. Castle is the specific simulation software for zinc die casting.


  • Full 3D CAD capabilities
  • Model preparation and setup for the calculation in under a few minutes
  • Multiprocessing and cloud computing compatible
  • Dual Phase simulation: metal pulverization, spray effect and micro air entrapments detected.
  • Vacuum and vent effects calculation
  • Interactive practical suggestions