Die Makers

Die makersCastle helps both foundry and mould maker in real time. How many cavities? To mount on which press and with which piston? The gate size? The die temperature? Optimal stroke and speed? Where to put the overflows and venting? Vacuum, yes or not? Are all critical questions to be answered.

The software is a valid tool to lead the die designer both in the right choice of runners design and air evacuation system.

The immediacy of the included CAD 3D modelling aids the die designer in editing or adding any changes to the design without leaving the simulation environment. Die designers regularly use the module to validate both the design and the mould project itself.


  • Full 3D CAD capabilities
  • Model preparation and setup for the calculation in under a few minutes
  • Multiprocessing and cloud computing compatible
  • Dual Phase simulation: metal pulverization, spray effect and micro air entrapments detected.
  • Vacuum and vent effects calculation
  • Interactive practical suggestions